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About Us

Welcome to our professional real estate school — American Real Estate Institute.
Established in 2006, American Real Estate Institute provides excellent real estate education.

Our 2 locations - in Flushing and Brooklyn, offer a large selection of real estate courses.

With expert led instruction and flexible schedules, our students obtain the knowledge they need to become licensed real estate professionals.

American Real Estate Institute understands that for most people, where to live is one of the biggest decisions they'll ever make. Although the prospect of buying or renting a new home can be incredibly exciting, it can also be incredibly daunting. Qualified real estate professionals help ease this transition. Successful real estate professionals enjoy both the personal (or client’s services) aspect of the job, as well as the business and financial aspects. Real estate professionals must have a deep knowledge of the market and communities they serve, so they can best advise their clients regarding how to accurately price or value their homes for sale, when to buy and negotiating offers and loans. Producing qualified and knowledgeable real estate professionals is American Real Estate Institute’s number one priority.

Taking a course at American Real Estate Institute means you learn an entirely new profession as well as join an innovative business community where you can build your own business.

American Real Estate Institute – Choose Excellence.

Benefit ①

Our experienced instructors are real estate professionals who provide practical real estate experience, knowledge and support to our classes and students. We encourage instructor and student interaction to increase our student’s understanding of the real estate profession.

Benefit ②

We offer our students flexibility with class schedules. Students can finish the 75-hour Salesperson License course in as little as six months. Students can repeat classes within the six-month period at no additional cost. Classes are taught in English. In addition, our students have the option of Chinese tutoring to enhance their class experience and instruction if necessary for an additional fee. Students can also take mock exams to prepare for both class and state exams. We make it as easy as possible for students to pass their exams by helping them: understand the professional vocabulary used during exams, become familiar with the exam format and the types of questions that will be asked.

Benefit ③

Our school also offers other classes such as English and computer instruction.